Historic Manskers Station Engagement Photos | Becky + Josh

Adorable couple swooning over each other in the light of the setting sun.

It seems like ages ago when I met Becky + Josh at Frothy Monkey in Franklin for our first meeting. From the get-go these two exuded sweetness that I have found only exists in young sweethearts. They adore each other so much, you can’t help but fall into their love and end up adoring them yourself.

Over the months since we first met, I’ve talked to Becky more than any other bride I’ve had in the past 3 years. They’ve had some ups and downs about choosing a wedding venue and changing dates, and she’s always called me to make sure I’d still been available on their new proposed date (yes!) but through it all their vision of keeping their wedding day an intimate gathering of their closest family and friends has never wavered.

And, so it was little surprise when, after a few other ideas, Becky told me that they really wanted to do their engagement photos at home and at a Park where she spent a lot of her summers growing up and even more time with Josh after they began dating.

So, a few days after their last finals of the fall semester at University of Tennessee Chattanooga wrapped, I met them at Josh’s family home in Goodlettsville where we warmed up with some cocoa and cookie-decorating.

Afterwards, we headed over to nearby Moss-Wright Park which is the site of Goodlettsville’s Historic Mansker’s Station. Becky in particular has spent many many many hours at Mansker’s. She’d been a site guide in her teens and was well acquainted with the friendly groundskeeper who chatted us up for a bit. (He knows her dad well.)

Well, as you know, with good light, and a good-looking couple, my job is easy (for me). Becky might have been worried about looking awkwards but after a few snaps and back-of-the-camera previews, she was at ease and rolling through all of my ideas and direction like she’d been in front of a camera her whole life.

Feast your eyes on these beauties:

Beautiful girl wearing a beany wrapped in a plaid blanket illuminated by the setting sun.

Engagement Session at Historic Mansker’s Station, Goodlettsville TN by Kris Rae Photography – www.krisraeweddings.com



Well, their September wedding is still several months off, and I’m sure I’ll be sitting down with these two for tea again soon. You can leave them some love on Insta for them if you’d like to say hello!

Historic Mansker’s Station Engagement Photos | Franklin TN Wedding Photographer


Engagement Photography by Kris Rae Orlowski
Location — Family home in Goodlettsville TN and nearby Historic Mankser’s Station
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