Kris Rae Nashville Wedding Photographer

Yale, 2012

Kris Rae Orlowski
Lead Photographer

Kris’ wedding photography has been shaped by his experience shooting stories for a myriad of magazines and newspaper articles over his 20 year career. From behind-the-camera, he quietly captures an artful collection of your once-in-a-lifetime moments, building a story for you and your loved ones that you will treasure for generations. And, when the time is right, with calm, confidant direction, Kris excels in an editorial style of portraiture that effortlessly captures the essence of the bride and groom as they truly are on their wedding day.


Having been given the privilege of stepping in to the once-in-a-lifetime production of over 100 couple’s unique celebrations, Kris has learned that, “As part of some seemingly natural process, every couple plans their wedding as a reflection of their joint personality and style. From the location they choose to the company they keep on their day, their traditions and values are represented in the every detail they decide upon to make their day perfect in their own way. ”

Kris lives in Franklin, TN, with his son and daughter.