Natural Engagement Session Warner Parks | Amanda & Kyle

Warner Parks Engagement in Nashville

Amanda & Kyle are sweet, tender souls who live humbly and happily enjoying the joys of their families and share a mutual connection to outdoor activity. They enjoy spending their evenings hiking the hills around Nashville, so it was perfect that they would choose the the perfect spot for their natural engagement session in the Warner Parks.

When we met with A&K,  Kristen and I were thrilled when we heard that they’re style of marriage celebration was so similar to ours:  a small gathering of only those who know them best, at a large house where all of these dear friends and close family could gather to support the deep, abiding love they hold for one another. In fact, their guest count is exactly the same as ours, standing at 49. (Ours might have been 46, but you know… close enough!)

We’re excited to be able to bear witness to the joy that will be shared this coming Saturday at the Historic Cedarwood Estate in North Nashville.

Warner Parks Engagement Photography | Nashville Wedding Photographer


Portrait Photography by Kris Rae Orlowski
Session Location — Edwin Warner & Percy Warner Parks, Nashville TN
Wedding Location — Historic Cedarwood Estate, Nashville TN

Here are more shots from the engagement session!
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