Nataley & Steven’s Art Deco/Glam Wedding in Historic Downtown Franklin

I ran into Nataley a few weeks ago while I was doing some production work during the Heroes in Heels Fashion Show. Which is funny, because I first met Nat at a fashion show almost two years ago, where she asked me to shoot her upcoming wedding. Well, shortly after I posted her wedding, the first time my previous wedding blog was hacked by Russians (no lie!)… so, I thought maybe I should post it back up!

With an azure blue sky, dotted with puffy white clouds and a cool breeze drifting down Main Street, it was a gorgeous summer day in Historic Downtown Franklin. For August in the South, you couldn’t ask for better weather. These days, Nataley is something of a rarity among the population of Franklin: as many people (myself included) are moving to the “It City” area surrounding Nashville, Nataley is a Native, so it was only natural for her to plan her hometown wedding right downtown, where she has lived and worked for her whole life. And, as a top stylist at hip Ecco Salon, she didn’t have to look far for the perfect venues for her day. The 2nd level of 341 Main Street is a gorgeous loft with stunning hardwood, exposed brick and light for days.

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