Home. Hacked. Happy.

Late last night, I returned home from an eleven-day trip back to Connecticut. While I was gone my website was hacked. Again. This is the 2nd time this year. Rather than try to repair the damage this time — because clearly we weren’t successful at buttoning up all the holes — I’ve decided to yank our entire previous site and rebuild from scratch.

As a business owner, it’s extremely frustrating to have something like this thrown into your lap when you’ve just returned with a weeks worth of editing (and then some). But, as a creative, I love these periods of redesign and reconstruction. It helps you redefine your self for the coming season of your life. A retuning of your perception, if you will.

But then, there is the thing that make it all better, for Home – truly – is-where-the-heart-is. Being back home with my cool-man Charlie and our little firecracker, Lily.

I’ll tell you all about my trip as I edit each stage.


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