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With her father being a pilot for he US Navy, while Kristen grew up in Maine, both of her parents, and the rest of her family actually hail from California. When we moved to Franklin last year, we were delighted that for the first time in her life, Kristen would be able to live near one of her cousins.

Right a few short months after we moved to town, Kim and her husband Joey — who both serve our country as combat medics in the US Army (holla because today is Veterans Day!) — were expecting their first baby boy, Gunnar! So, right off the bat, we had a few more relatives around here in TN than we were expecting as aunts and uncles flew in to help Kim & Joey with their new arrival.

Over the past year, we’ve gotten to spend lots of quality time with our cousins, Kim & Joey. However, their enlistments are up shortly, and they’ll be moving back to Cali to be closer to Mom & Dad (a.k.a. Uncle Tim & Aunt Genie to us), but I couldn’t let them go without creating some great family portraits for them to remember us and their time here in TN and the first 9 months of Gunnar’s adorable life.

We wish them well and we hope to get back to California ourselves soon enough to visit the entire Frye/Graves side of our family!

I hope you enjoy the gallery as much as we’ve enjoyed having Kim, Joey & Gunnar so close by and so close in our hearts.

Fall Family Pictures | Franklin TN Family Photographer


Portrait Photography by Kris Rae Orlowski
Location — Fields near First Presbyterian Church of Franklin
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